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2019-08-03 12:22:03
Dogs only allowed outside, even though there is a nice separate bar bit which would suit them well.
2017-10-23 22:32:03
Clearly shouldn't be on this site now if dogs not welcome
2017-02-28 22:02:03
Notice on door says no dogs allowed.
2016-05-11 19:12:05
Arrived for lunch on Sunday and greeted with sign on door No Dogs Allowed. Very disappointing as we have been here several times with our dog and enjoyed a lovely meal. We will maybe return again if your policy changes.
Billy Bobs
2016-05-09 15:17:24
Very disappointed to have arranged to meet friends at Greens to find out when we arrived that they have changed their policy on dogs and no longer let them in!!!
2015-09-26 19:55:43
Thank you for making me welcome, sat quietly under the table and lovely to be able to all go out as a family.

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