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2017-06-24 09:31:42
We regularly take our two small dogs into this eatery and they are always welcomed. They are usually given a treat and also a drink of water. The staff are very friendly, and so long as the dogs behave, then they are always made very welcome.
Laura Murray
2016-01-30 01:56:40
My fiance Brian and I love visiting Waterstones to browse graphic novels and to sit in the coffeeshop for refreshments. We couldn't wait to take our 2 year old Cavalier with us when we found out they allowed dogs. Every single time we've visited they've been more than welcoming, the staff are always friendly and often offer fuss to our dog and the lady in the cafe often even offers a bowl of water for her too. Very welcoming and we have visited even more since being able to take our girl with us! Highly recommended! xxx

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