Over 100 dog friendly places in the Isle of Man

100 Dog Friendly Places

Well in just a few short weeks, we’ve passed our first milestone – there are now over 100 dog friendly places listed on DogFriendly.im!

When I heard that the Isle of Man Government was lifting it’s restrictions on allowing dogs into premises serving food, and it was to become the proprietor’s decision whether to allow dogs inside, I knew this was going to be great news for the Isle of Man.

And this got me thinking “wouldn’t it be good if there was an online directory where you could find and review Isle of Man dog friendly places…” so I started building this site and I’m so pleased with how quickly it’s grown and hope it’ll prove to be a favourite bookmark for residents and visitors alike.

While reaching the 100 mark within such a short period of time is tremendous news for DogFriendly.im, more importantly it just goes to show that we really do love our dogs on the Isle of Man 🙂

I’m convinced there are so many more dog friendly places not yet listed, so if you’re a dog friendly business, shop, accommodation provider, cafe, restaurant or pub on the Isle of Man then get in touch, and we’ll add you to the directory.

I’m looking forward to adding the next 100 places!

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  1. Thanks Tom, and well done. This is a great resource, as we’re still discovering which places we can and can’t go with our dogs. Hopefully other business owners will now be able to see that it makes sound commercial sense to go dog friendly too!

    • Thanks Dan 🙂 Definitely agree, you’ve only got to visit the Lake District where pretty much every shop/cafe is dog friendly, we should be the same!

  2. This is a great good news story for iom and I have been advocating it for years. On the continent dogs are allowed pretty well everywhere. Being a dog owner and dog friendly tends to indicate you are essentially well natured person as you are prepared to care for a creature dependent on you for their well-being. Businesses need to demonstrate they are equally well intentioned to well behaved dog owners

  3. Oh, what a relief! We have just booked a 22 day stay on the Island with our dog, all booked and payed for in advance for next years Classic TT…imagine my horror when I read so many awful comments about unfriendly, dog-hating people and nowhere to take her. My heart sank! But now that the law has changed, along with this wonderful site, we will once again look forward to a lovely holiday as a little family, just me, he and her. Thanks Tom for helping us – I’m sure the Manx government owe you for helping their economy. The Dog Pound Rules!

  4. This is great news, we visited the island last a couple of years ago & it was very dog un-friendly! This blog is a great resource though thank you – one thing I’d say though is that you list some cafes as dog-friendly if they let dogs on their patios / outside… this isn’t that friendly in my book, in typical manx weather it’s nicer to know you can go inside – now the legislation allows it we should be more demanding of our cafe owners 🙂

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